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Cafer YÜKSEL announced his candidacy for the board of the ICA.

Dear Cooperators
The global challenges have placed the cooperative idea to the forefront of the global agenda. Cooperatives are considered to be an important tool in fighting against these challenges. ICA’s activities and role have been instrumental in highlighting the experiences and successes of cooperatives before international organizations such as the United Nations. The proclamation of 2012 by the UN as the International Year of Cooperatives has been a significant and successful outcome of such efforts. UN member states increased their efforts to raise awareness on cooperatives.
Turkey is one of the countries where the cooperative movement has a longstanding history. Some noteworthy activities have also taken place in Turkey with the involvement of the apex organizations of the Turkish cooperative movement and its leaders. Turkish cooperative movement supported both national and international efforts throughout this process during IYC.  
I assumed various positions in the last 35 years within the Turkish cooperative movement and have always underlined the significance of cooperatives both for my country and for the world. I exerted all possible efforts for the development and empowerment of cooperatives. I pioneered the establishment of cooperatives in forest villages, the poorest segment of my country. I devoted my energy for the eradication of poverty and ensuring development in rural areas. I am a cooperator who believes in importance of solidarity and cooperation among cooperatives. In that regard, I benefited greatly from the information, motivation and support that I sought from our members, namely the forest villagers as well as from ICA, so did I from the activities of ICA and its member cooperative organizations.
I am the founding and the present President of the Central Union of Turkish Forestry Cooperatives (ORKOOP). The central Union has 300,000 members organized in 27 Regional Unions and 3,000 primary cooperatives. I have been actively participating and representing ORKOOP at national and international activities. ORKOOP is a member of the National Cooperatives Union of Turkey and I have been actively involved in its activities as the Deputy-President of the National Union. I have been serving the Executive Committee of ICAO since 2009. On the other hand, I also took part in the activities of ICA and its continental organizations. I enjoyed traveling to different parts of the world together with you as my esteemed cooperator friends to fulfill the assigned duties with full commitment and conviction. I had the honor of cooperating with you in several occasions.
I have the willingness to serve you in line with the experience I gained in the last 35 years in the Turkish cooperative movement. I would like to seek your support to obtain that opportunity to be able to serve you. Unity and solidarity, the most important starting points of cooperatives, will bring us together in the General Assembly that will convene and hold elections in Cape Town, South Africa. I would very much appreciate to get your support to become a member of the ICA Board. 
Seizing this opportunity, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support in our joint endeavors under ICA and also thank you in advance for your support in the election.
I warmly extend my cooperative greetings
Cafer YÜKSEL            
ICAO Executive Committee Member
ORKOOP, President