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According to end of the year 2008 census, there are 7.070.671 villagers living at 21.227 forest villages in our country. 7.070.671 of these villages, with a total population of 2.284.309, are within our forests, and the rest in the close neighborhood of our forests.

Definition of OR-KOOP as the "Organized Power of the Forest Villagers" is very appropriate, since OR-KOOP is a democratic, active, developing and a participatory public organization with the largest rural base in our country. By the end of the year 2008, the numbers of Local Unions and Cooperatives of OR-KOOP were 28 and 2.340 respectively with their 284.613 cooperatives members. 1501 cooperatives are working on forestry activities with their 194.153 cooperative members and total number of Forestry Cooperatives in Turkey is 2.123.

Our public is not well aware of the poverty and other problems that our forest villagers suffer from. They are remembered by the politicians only during the election periods.

Forests house the nature’s richest biological diversity and they interact with the people living within or around them. It is very clear that good relationship between the forests and the people is essential for the sake of protection of the nature and the diversity in it.

In these days of the preparation of this leaflet, we are struggling with the new constraints created by the recent legal arrangements which are expected to have serious negative impacts on the lives of forests villagers and functions and contributions of the forestry cooperatives.

We want to believe that our efforts to solve these problems will be fruitful in the near future. We know and we want everybody to know that without protecting the forest villagers our forests can not be protected and by avoiding forest villagers neither forests nor forestry can be developed in our country.

Best regards

General Chairman